About Full Body Whisper

Full Body Whisper is a feature-length documentary about Joyce Piven.

A Chicago legend, Joyce has taught thousands of students improvisation and theater games. Joyce encourages her students to face the chaos of creativity with open hearts and minds; she leaps into the chaos and creates art. Among her students are her son, Jeremy Piven, and her friend Nancy Cusack’s children (including John and Joan Cusack and Pulitzer-prize nominated playwright, Sarah Ruhl).

During the fortieth year of the Piven Theatre Workshop, co-founded by Joyce and her late husband, Byrne Piven, Ravi Batista, an actress in Joyce’s production of Chekhov’s Three Sisters, interviewed Joyce, her family and her former students to learn more about Joyce’s life. It’s an inspiring story of one woman’s passion for acting and theater and how she shared it with thousands of people in Evanston, IL.